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Schools and Educational Facilities

Image of The Natural History Museum,London,England

The Natural History Museum,London,England

Founded in 1753 as an integral part of the British Museum, and moved to its current location in 1881, The Natural History Museum houses one of the world's most extensive collections of plant and animal life, as well as countless other exhibits from the natural world. Here, rare dinosaur fossils and the lives and ecologies of nearly all the living creatures on the earth, past and present, can be observed, and the number of exhibits continues to grow every year.
TOA's Voice Evacuation system performs a vital and reliable service in this important facility, and its Digital Announcer-equipped fire alarm panels help ensure complete safety within the museum. The system automatically broadcasts a pre-recorded warning announcement whenever the fire alarm panel receives a signal from any of the connected fire alarm devices, and also permits easy selection of broadcasting zones and manual microphone announcements for maximum operating versatility. A touch-screen map of the museum also contributes to the museum's business efficiency by permitting calls and message broadcasts to be instantly made.
Image of Eötvös Loránd University

Eötvös Loránd University

Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is the country’s second largest university. TOA installed public address speaker and wireless communications systems in the University’s science department building, with the V-1000 Series Integrated Emergency Public Address system installed as the core system.
Image of Angel Land Fukui (Museum)

Angel Land Fukui (Museum)

Opened in Fukui Prefecture in 1999, Angel Land Fukui is a "hands-on" learning center that combines a children's museum with a science museum. TOA's high-quality sound system is used in the museum's "Fantasy Egg" pavilion, and its Emergency Warning system is used throughout the museum.
Image of University of Yamanashi, Kofu Campus

University of Yamanashi, Kofu Campus

Here, TOA’s in-house public address system is integrated with the university’s existing campus LAN network system, allowing prompt and accurate information to be distributed throughout the campus in a timely manner when earthquakes or other emergency situations occur. The system makes a significant contribution to the creation of a campus “that ensures safety and piece of mind,” a key aim of the University of Yamanashi.
Image of Sano City Children's Country

Sano City Children's Country

This "Children's Country" extends over a vast site with numerous facilities where children can play, including an orchard and observation deck. Here,TOA installed a broadcast system and other components in the central facility. In the AV (Audio-Visual) room, which was designed with audio equipment compatible with a 5.1-channel surround sound, the audio field creates a realistic sensation of immediate presence around the listener.
Image of Kumamoto University

Kumamoto University

Since 1997, Kumamoto University has used TOA's STI (Speech Transmission Index) Evaluation System to provide a quantifiable assessment of listening ease and speech intelligibility in each of its nearly 100 classrooms. In this way, the university has been able to achieve a uniform level of sound quality in all its rooms to ensure the highest accuracy during its foreign language listening comprehension exams.
Image of Tokyo University of Agriculture Second Senior High School

Takeaki Hall, Tokyo University of Agriculture Second Senior High School

In Takeaki Hall, with its large 600-person seating capacity, TOA’s high-articulation sound system helps ensure that cultural activities provide a high degree of satisfaction. The system was designed with a touch-panel audio/visual control console to allow optimum sound environments to be easily created depending on the contents of each event.
Image of Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima City Aquarium

TOA's Wireless Guide system is installed here, where rare whale sharks can be viewed. Visitors can borrow portable receivers to listen to a guide-wearing a headset microphone and portable transmitter-explain the exhibits on display. This system offers superb clarity and listening ease from virtually anywhere in the building.
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