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Residence & Community

Image of Teheran Disaster Task Force

Teheran Disaster Task Force

Whenever disasters occur, many concerned organizations from municipality and police and fire departments turn to this disaster task force located in Teheran, the capital of Iran. Here, TOA’s TS-900 Series Infrared Conference system helps ensure that countermeasure meetings proceed smoothly and efficiently.
Image of The Nîmes Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France

The Nîmes Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France

TOA’s TA-900 Series Infrared Conference system is installed in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nîmes, the historic city in southern France after which denim jeans were named. Featuring a convenient voting function, the system supports the smooth progress of local meetings and conferences.
Image of Disaster Prevention Center, Meguro Ward, Tokyo

Disaster Prevention Center, Meguro Ward, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Meguro Ward is pouring its energies into effective use of emergency earthquake information. Here, TOA’s IP Communications system has been incorporated in order to allow not only the distribution of up-to-the-minute information and elevator control in emergency situations, but also the transmission of information during normal daily service through connection to the existing municipal network.
Image of Myoko City Disaster Management Wireless Broadcast System

Myoko City Disaster Management Wireless Broadcast System

In the event of disaster, the city office for Myoko city in Niigata Prefecture uses a public address system equipped with TOA speakers to broadcast evacuation instructions and other important information to citizens throughout the city and its surrounding areas.
Image of Nishi-Tokyo Municipal Assembly

Nishi-Tokyo Municipal Assembly

Located west of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the city of Nishi-Tokyo was born January, 2001 from the amalgamation of the cities of Tanashi and Hoya, and has attracted considerable attention as a model for future city amalgamations. TOA supplied the support systems for the new assembly hall, which are used to prepare meeting minutes and distribute information.
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