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Hospital & Welfare facilities

Image of St. Dominic’s Rehabilitation Hospital

St. Dominic’s Rehabilitation Hospital

TOA’s IP intercom systems are used in the St. Dominic’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, Mississippi of the United States. Wall-mounted intercom stations are designed for hands-free operation, enabling hospital staff to quickly and efficiently communicate with patients.
Image of Awaji Regional Welfare & Life Support Center

Awaji Regional Welfare & Life Support Center

With "Normalization" as its primary care philosophy, the Awaji Regional Welfare & Life Support Center opened in 1999 to support the old and the intellectually disabled. The Center is a composite facility containing a welfare institution for the old and infirm who require nursing care, an elderly care institution, an institution for the intellectually impaired, an outpatient clinic, and a spacious meeting area. TOA installed an integrated emergency PA system for the entire Center, and localized amplifiers and surveillance camera systems for each of its facilities. The surveillance camera systems are synchronized with sensors installed throughout the facility, and automatically record assigned locations whenever movement is detected. Here, TOA'S technology is making an invaluable contribution to the safety and security of the Center's residents.
Image of Hakodate Goryokaku Hospital

Hakodate Goryokaku Hospital

One of the most popular acute-care hospitals in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, the Hakodate Goryokaku Hospital features an advanced TOA pager system that enables quick paging and connection with medical staff or hospital personnel who are constantly on the move. TOA's technology thus helps maintain a quiet hospital environment by eliminating the need for voice paging.
Image of Retirement Home "Hanahirano"

Retirement Home "Hanahirano"

This retirement home was opened in Fukushima as a place to enable the elderly to live safe and peaceful lives. TOA's emergency warning system and "Quick Catch" surveillance system - which features high-sensitivity combination cameras that clearly pick up images even in the dark - contribute to the support and care of the home's residents.
Image of Care House "Prego Ryokuchi Park"

Care House "Prego Ryokuchi Park"

Prego Park House is situated in an area blessed with abundant natural beauty that changes every season. This urban welfare facility for the old and infirm features a day service center and caregiver stations, and is also equipped with facilities that provide residents with richer and more comfortable lives, such as common areas with floor heating and Jacuzzi baths. TOA installed Prego Park House's emergency PA system.
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