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NHK Osaka Broadcast Stations Broadcast Hall, well-known by its popular name "BK Hall," was totally renewed and reopened in March of 2001. This large facility now consists of an 18-floor broadcast hall, the 13-floor Osaka Municipal Museum and Archaeological Evidence Center, and a spacious, ball-shaped atrium linking the two buildings. TOA installed an advanced sound system with fully digital mixing console as the core of NHK OSAKA Hall to be utilized for public recordings and other purposes. Optical cables were installed for signal transmission to build a digital network offering fully integrated control of digital processors and power amplifiers. The system also permits control and operation monitoring of each piece of connected equipment from a remote PC display.
Image of Vienna State Opera House

Vienna State Opera House

Established in 1869, the Vienna State Opera House has a long history and time-honored tradition as one of the world's greatest opera houses. Here, TOA installed the first version of its ix-9000 digital mixing console, which we developed over countless hours of intense discussions with the Tonmeister, Mr. Wolfgang Fritz about sound quality, functions and operating ease. TOA's ix-9000 mixing console greatly enhances the artistic impact of the operas performed here.
Image of Warsaw Dramatic Theater

Warsaw Dramatic Theater

This three-story theater is located in the stately cultural scientific palace of Warsaw, Poland. TOA installed its fully digital mixing console in the theater. Because the console permits delicate sound settings and storage of all settings for each of hundreds of individual programs and scenes, the operator can better concentrate on the enhancement of artistic effects during each performance.
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