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Commercial Facilities

image of Daimler/Chrysler AG in Berlin

Daimler/Chrysler AG in Berlin

The Daimler/Chrysler company's new Berlin headquarters is a huge facility that integrates offices, car showrooms and restaurants into its impressive edifice. Here, TOA's integrated PA system is used for general announcements, emergency broadcasts, and background music distribution.
Image of Carrefour (Jakarta, Pondok Indah Store)

Carrefour (Jakarta, Pondok Indah Store)

This Carrefour hypermache located south of Jakarta, Indonesia, is one of Indonesia's largest suburban shopping centers, and contains a wide variety of shops ranging from supermarkets and outlet shops to restaurants and specialty rental businesses. TOA installed the sound system and other related equipment in the complex, which make a large contribution to smooth business operation.
Image of Nishi Umeda, HERBIS ENT

Nishi Umeda, HERBIS ENT

The public address system installed in this major commercial space and "intelligent" office complex helps ensure smooth facility operation by conveying important information and streaming pleasant background music.
Image of Ginza

Ginza Super Security Lamp

In ever-changing Tokyo, the Ginza district is known for maintaining a certain yesteryear charm. To help preserve that feeling while ensuring an environment in which people can continue to live, work, and relax with peace-of-mind, the Ginza police department has installed a Super security lamp system that takes advantage of TOA's emergency communication technology.
Image of MYCAL Ibaraki

MYCAL Ibaraki

The large MICAL Ibaraki shopping mall opened in the Osaka area on New Year's Day, 2001 with its 84,000 m2 floor area occupied by shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and even an indoor amusement park. Featuring remote microphones to facilitate in-store announcements, TOA's emergency PA system manages announcement and background music broadcasts through over 2,200 ceiling-mounted speakers.
Image of Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

Located in Fukuoka's bustling Tenjin district, the Mitsukoshi department store's TOA sound space was designed on the concept of "high-quality hospitality." Featuring delightful chime tones to call attention to announcements and musical cues to mark the store's opening and close, the system also plays background music that changes in mood every hour to maintain a comfortable shopping environment.
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