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Image of Taipei Financial Center Corp TAIPEI101

Taipei Financial Center Corp TAIPEI101

In Taipei's recently redeveloped Xin Yi commercial district stands the Taipei 101 office complex, currently the tallest building in the world. In the event of emergency, the building's everyday public address system is instantly switched over to an emergency evacuation system to issue essential evacuation instructions to help ensure the safety of those inside.
Image of Osaka Securities Exchange Building

Osaka Securities Exchange Building

While maintaining the symbolic external appearance of the former Osaka Securities Exchange, the cutting-edge facilities within this building include an integrated emergency/general-purpose public address system and a CCTV system, both by TOA.
Image of Tokyo's Harumi Island Triton Square

Tokyo's Harumi Island Triton Square

The immense complex, "Harumi Island Triton Square" was recently completed in Harumi, Tokyo, one of the first man-made land reclamation islands created in Tokyo Bay. TOA installed the emergency PA system in this vast facility.
Harumi is Japan's largest redeveloped city, and Triton Square is a self-contained "new town" where "work," "play," and "housing" functions are totally integrated. The area features an office zone where three high-rise intelligent buildings tower majestically over the island, a shopping zone with restaurants and shops selling high-sensitivity, name-brand products, and a housing zone which provides comfortable living accommodations for people young and old. In this new "town," special considerations were given to space creation by arranging shops around a courtyard so that the visitors can feel the sensations of open air and the changing seasons. The "town" is now attracting an increasing number of visitors of all ages as a new Tokyo center of recreation and relaxation.
TOA's emergency system employs a centralized remote control configuration which permits all equipment operation and management to be performed from the central security center for more efficient operation. Broadcast equipment can be easily operated by clicking on corresponding points shown on the area map displayed on the PC monitor.
Image of Sysmex Corporation

Sysmex Corporation

Based in Kobe, Sysmex actively strives to develop medical equipment, such as those for clinical examinations. TOA installed a sound system in its Central Laboratory. Also, in the atrium, the electric potential difference generated on the surface of plants is detected by a sensor and converted into acoustic signals for background music distribution, providing a restful and almost mystical aural experience.
Image of Shinkoutairo (Taiwan)

Shinkoutairo (Taiwan)

This 51-story landmark of the Taipei skyline is equipped with TOA's Emergency Broadcast system and an Intercom system that controls all general announcements. The large Mitsukoshi Department Store that is one of the building's most prominent tenants also uses TOA's automatic broadcast system in its daily operations.
Image of Rockfield Shizuoka Factory

Rockfield Shizuoka Factory

Projecting an ultra-modern appearance, the Rockfield Shizuoka food processing factory quietly stands in richly green natural surroundings. Here, TOA's Factory Tour Guide system transmits video images from over 30 cameras located throughout the factory's workshops to the main presentation room, where visitors can closely view the food preparation processes by way of a large 100-inch high-definition projector display. Because visitors can see all operations without actually entering the factory, the system provides an ideal means of ensuring the highest levels of sanitation and safety for the foodstuffs it makes.
Image of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Its breathtaking size and unique design have made the Tokyo Government Building the new face of Tokyo that everybody knows today. The most advanced technologies were poured into this building, which stands as the information base of the metropolitan government, and a seat of cultural exchange for the people of Tokyo. Of greatest importance are the building's disaster prevention facilities. TOA supplied its highly efficient, computer-controlled Emergency Broadcast system to ensure smooth and accurate communication. Prominent among the host of other systems supplied are mobile PA systems that can be easily moved and adapted to various applications, ranging from the smallest conference room to the observation decks. Through such efforts, TOA actively promotes both confidence and comfort in this building.
Image of Kobe Government Building

Kobe Government Building

This 30-story skyscraper stands as one of the modern symbols of Kobe. Here a wide range of TOA systems have been installed, including the Emergency Broadcast system that controls announcement broadcasts among its three main buildings, and the Intercom system that links its main offices.
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